Computer Network Support Specialists

Computer Network Support Specialists

Ace Computer’s Networking and Maintenance Division can help you select from an array of new technologies and deploy them to your greatest advantage. Our technical expertise extends from complex IP data networks to advanced infrastructures incorporating wireless technologies, LAN technologies, and storage and content networks. Everything you need to seamlessly connect employees, partners and customers, increase productivity, improve network management and reduce expenses.

Computer Network Infrastructure

Improve the performance and resiliency of your existing network while reducing overall costs.

Network Baseline Assessment

Evaluates overall network performance to pinpoint areas for enhancement and improved resource utilization.

Network Architecture Design

Focuses on determining the optimal infrastructure design to meet your business requirements.

Network Implementation

Focuses on integrating new networking systems without disrupting your ongoing business operations.

Wireless Networks

Increase network flexibility, productivity and cost-effectiveness with the latest wireless protocols: IEEE 802.11 protocol, RF engineering and spectrum allocation, large-scale wireless network design, and wireless security architecture.

Storage & Content Networking

Develop a storage strategy and content network architecture to meet your business needs and reduce the stress on your storage servers and network.