Computer Laptop Repairs – Upgrades

Does my computer need an upgrade?

Ask yourself this.

  • Is your computer or laptop older than 3 years
  • Did you purchase a entry level computer to “fit the need”
  • Has your computer activities changed since your purchase

Most people find themselves outgrowing their computers within 2 to 3 years after the original purchase. OS upgrades can cause your desktop or laptop to act sluggish and slow to start. Software companies are always developing for the next-greatest hardware components. Which means your “new” computer has a limited desk life.

We know you can prolong the inevitable with a few tricks. But sooner or later the search is on for a reliable professional technician. That’s where Ace Computer comes into the story. Having ACE Computer on your team is like having your own IT staff to repair and maintain your computers. Here’s a few points we know you’ll find interesting.

Save with On-Site Computer Repair

ACE Computer’s on-site computer repair means that we come to your office — no need to waste your employees’ valuable work time in carting equipment around. Our on-site computer repair is the fastest way to get you working again.

Free In-Store Consultation and Estimate

That’s right. Your in-store consultation is free. Our technicians have an average of 15+ years of experience in the computer repair field, and can sort out your problems quickly and efficiently.

Upgrades & Maintenance

While we’re at your offices, we can study your existing computer systems to find out what your company needs, and deliver a proposal designed to improve your systems to increase your business production.