Computer Laptop Repairs – Upgrades

Sound familiar?

It seams like just a short time ago you were all excited at how fast the new machine booted up and ran all your important programs. “Crashes” was a forgotten ill experience at your desk. Reserved only for those poor workmates who pounded into their keyboards, muttering the same words of frustration that you knew so well. Now, you push the power button and find something else to do while “good ol’ bessy” spins to life twenty minutes later. Welcome back, but don’t feel to bad, your just doing what we all do.

Let’s face it, most people can prolong the inevitable with a few tricks they’ve picked up along the way. But sooner or later the search is on for a reliable professional technician, and that’s where Ace Computer comes into the story. Having ACE Computer on your team is like having your own in-house IT personnel to repair and maintain your computers. Here’s a few points we know you’ll find interesting.

Save with On-Site Computer Repair

No need to hire full-time IT “Information Technology” computer staff. ACE Computer’s on-site computer repair means that we come to your office — no need to waste your employees’ valuable work time in carting equipment around. Our on-site computer repair is the fastest way to get you working again.

Free In-Store Consultation and Estimate

That’s right. Your in-store consultation is free. Our technicians have an average of 15+ years of experience in the computer repair field, and can sort out your problems quickly and efficiently.

Upgrades & Maintenance

While we’re at your offices, we can also study your existing computer systems, consult with you to find out what your company needs, and deliver a proposal designed to improve your system to increase your business production.